Paul Louis Cole is a man driven with a global mission for the transformation of men, the restoration of families and rescuing children trapped in abuse and neglect.  His passion is to build strong men who lead their families, serve their community and live life to the fullest.  He is a dedicated champion for raising up successful young leaders, and committed to challenging and helping men be great dads.  His organization is active in more than one hundred nations.

Paul is one of the world’s leading experts on men’s issues, character maturity and personal life expansion.  He is a double outlier having invested over 20,000 hours in the pursuit of masculine excellence.  His exploits have taken him from the inside of firefights in Middle Eastern wars to perilous revolutions in the deep jungles of central Nicaragua.  He helped Willie Nelson launch the highly successful charity FarmAid, helped launch the most successful AIDS program in African history and tirelessly gives his life and his family to help others.  His professional accolades range from Emmy awards to Addy awards to numerous charity and civic awards.